• Bellissima


    The word "Bellissima" conjures thoughts  of the most exotic, gorgeous, sexy woman on earth. This soap does just that in my mind. I dreamed of a sexy soap  and this creation emerged. The rich shimmering blue mica blended with the opulent silver mica create an eye catching soap for the discerning shopper.  Bellissima has beautiful sky blue layers adorned with jeweled Angels wings .The fragrance Gardenia firmly permeates from this bar. Those who love the smell of Gardenia flowers in the dewy fresh morning breeze will LOVE this exotic soap.

    Ingredients: Olive Oil, Manteca, Cocoa butter, Kokum butter, Mango butter, Palm Kernel oil,  Palm oil, Castor Oil, Distilled Water, Goat Milk, Greek Yogurt, Aloe Vera, Tussah Silk Fibers, Confectionery Sugar, Kaolin Clay, Colloidal Oatmeal, Stearic Acid, Sodium lactate, Mica colors.

    Fragrance: Gardenia