• luxury facial butter


    Our Luxury facial butter is created on our triple butter base of Shea,Mango and Cocoa Butter. Some of the exotic oils from around the world are added to enrich  our facial butter. Buriti, Brazil, Camellia, Rosehip, Olive Oil, Seabuckthorn and Murmura Butter are blended with Calendula and Licorice extract.  Jojoba oil, Silk protein, Aloe Vera and Honeyquat  along with  Vitamin E are those much needed extras in a great facial product. This cream is a lovely golden color with a noticeable quick absorption rate which can be used morning or night. We are confident you will fall in love with this product. I would love to give you a little biography of the oils we selected for this product:

     Brazil oil-is a light highly nourishing oil rich in essential fatty acids, selenium and vitamins. Brazil oil is a natural  emollient  with quick absorption, sweet aroma rich in vitamins A, B  and E.

    Buriti oil-is considered to be extremely rich in carotenoids including and has been known to posse a higher level of  beta-carotene than carrot seed oil. It has been used to help with burn and sun burned skin.

    Camellia oil-is light highly penetrating oil used in may mature skin products. This oil is high in omega 3,6, and 9 fatty acids plus vitamin E and polyphenols. Camellia oil has been known to restore moisture balance to dry skin, soften wrinkles, block harmful UV rays and suitable for all skin types including allergy prone skin.

    Rosehip oil-has been shown to help improve skin elasticity, regenerate skin cells, slow down premature aging and reduce wrinkles and scarring.

    Seabuckthorn- this is my favorite oil for mature skin. Second only to rose hips and Acerola in vitamin C content  it is rich in B1, B2, K and P.  High fatty acids, carotenes, tocopherols and phytosterols are all important for healthy skin. Seabuckthorn is a beneficial ingredient in burn, acne and irritated or dry skin preparations.** serum seen in picture is not included/ separate product.